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10/22/21 I am in the process of building more Megalodon OCFs for stock. Awaiting more ferrite cores. Prices are up on everything because of the crazy politics going on in the U.S. today. I am going to keep prices the same. I will also be testing my baluns and antennas with type 43 core materials. For now it will stay 61 core as these have proven to be great.

End Fed antennas seem to be the rage today. With small lots many people are using these type of wires with some success. My opinion on these antenna systems: You will see all kinds of promises and different baluns used. Using a 60 foot piece of wire and want a signal on the low bands no matter what balun people put on it, its still not a balanced antenna and not only that its not even a half wave! Therefore you introduce major problems with common mode RFI back in the shack because your feed line is essentially part of the antenna system. Although the maker can show a low swr that doesn’t mean the antenna is a good antenna. Your signal will be marginal. You will put out a signal, you will make contacts but put it next to a dipole with coils on it so its shortened for a small lot and that dipole will out perform the end fed any day of the week. So what I am trying to say is you have other options and other ways to fit a smaller antenna for the lower bands than this end fed stuff that’s going around. Do your homework folks be smart and don’t believe these You Tuber reviews cause they are getting a free antenna lets be real about this. NOTE: I do not sell end fed nor do I sell small lot type antennas so this advise is not providing me with any business. 8/25/2020

For those participating in Field Day 2020 I hope you have a safe and fun time. I know things are a bit different this year however, its still operating, and COVID-19 cannot infect the airwaves.

I have updated the dipole offerings with some more photos and specs. I recently acquired a VNA and can now sweep the entire HF bands to show you how nice these antennas work. Please see the photos on the OCF page.

Furthermore, I have been painfully testing and retesting the initial screwdriver antenna built. Its a process… I am trying to break it. This is sturdy antennas, so it has got to take somewhat of a beating. Look for the antenna to be announced for sale in early fall. And don’t forget the name, The Megalodon. 73 N9AMI