Off Center Dipoles

The Megalodon Off Center Dipole Antennas

Megalodon 80-10 Off Center Dipole Antenna with high performance Dual Core 4:1 Balun 45 foot short side 90 feet long side $180.00 Shipped USPS Priority 

80-10 OCF Sweep Click to enlarge. Highlighted areas are ham bands
40 meter OCF. Swiss Miss is amazed at the DX that can be worked from a small lot.

Megalodon 40-10 Off Center Dipole Antenna with high performance Dual Core 4:1 Balun. 23 Feet short end 45 feet long end $140.00 Shipped USPS Priority 

All Off Center Dipoles have the following upgrades

4:1 Dual Core Balun

Two 240/61‘s individually wrapped with 14 Ga Belden Polythermaleze wire and covered with silicon tubing. Guanella balun which sums the voltages of two equal delay lines. With these optimized windings and the core it offers the best trade off in low frequency response for efficiency. Matches 50 ohms to 200 ohms. This balun is capable of operating from 1Mhz to 50Mhz with a constant impedance transformation ratio. Efficiency is 98 percent.

Early Housing

Flex Weave 14 Ga antenna wire. Strong, UV resistant and will stand the test of time.

Power rating is an honest 2KW Continuous Duty and 5KW SSB This means you can run digital modes RTTY FT8 ETC at any legal ham power levels all day long without worry of saturation of the balun system. Be wary of others who wrap both cores together. Beware of other 4:1 baluns using only one core. It does not work and you really do not have a balun.

All connections are crimped and soldered. Swagged at both ends for strength.

Weatherproof housing for the balun that is a serviceable unit, unlike glued and locked up pvc tubing. A quality Silver / Teflon SO-239 installed.

Antennas are Multi Band not all band without a tuner. However, your built- in tuner will suffice for most all bands.

All antennas are tested and tuned before they go up for sale. Including running legal limit for an extended final test. Antennas are all made by hand from top to bottom.

Antennas work best mounted in an Inverted V fashion. Height of 30-40 foot at apex and ends about 8 foot up. Can also be installed as flat top however you might have to do a little tuning.

My first iteration with abs still running strong.

Information on antennas has been skewed all over the place on the internet. No installation is the same on an antenna system. Antennas should be installed in “free air” meaning no other buildings and such close to the wire. They can in fact work in many other installation configurations however your VSWR will be changed and some pruning of the antenna will be needed.

The OCF is one of the best antennas you can setup it works with under 2:1 VSWR on most bands it was constructed for and a built-in tuner can do the rest in most cases. It is easy to deploy for emergencies without lugging some big out board tuner along.

If you have questions about my antennas construction or ordering questions, please feel free to email via contact page or call John 775-622-5500